Will Wall Street’s Success Inject New Capital Into Luxury Real Estate Market?

In 2017, Wall Street saw the highest compensations since the financial crisis and 2018 is expected to bring in even higher bonuses. Compensation consultants Johnson Associates predict that equity sales and trading pros will see the biggest increase in cash and equity bonuses by as much as 20% from 2017.

Johnson Associates Bonus Projections for 2018 compares to 2017

Equity sales and trading 15-20%
Private Equity 5-10%
Investment banking and underwriting 5-10%
Hedge funds and asset management 5%
Fixed income sales and trading 0-5%
High net worth, retail and commercial banking 0-5%
Investment banking advisory 5-0%

The real estate market has experienced a pricing correction and financing rates are still relatively low. Sellers are more realistic and there is more choice for buyers. Smart buyers are now purchasing exceptional luxury properties at the right prices. These market condition create a unique opportunity for luxury buyers; but it won’t last forever. Carpe Diem

By Igor Beyder, Broker of Record | Beyder and Company Realty