In the southern portion of Upper Saddle River, tucked away behind mature trees and the peaceful flow of the West Branch Saddle River, sets a piece of architectural history. A home that’s entrance is as tranquil and welcoming as the views of its natural scenery will immediately fill you with the positive energy created by the carefully chosen Feng Shui elements. Beyder and Company Realty proudly presents this hidden oasis on West Saddle River Road. An ideal home for lovers of art, nature, and the exquisite work of architect Eleanor Kendall Pettersen.

Noted as one of the first New Jersey women to open her own architectural firm, Pettersen designed President Richard Nixon’s home in Saddle River; just a few steps away from Beyder and Company’s luxury listing 5 Denison Dr, in Saddle River.

Pettersen’s admiration for her teacher and mentor, world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, can be seen in nearly every aspect of 262 West Saddle River Road. The private natural hideaway boasts a 250- foot Roman wall, believed to be one of the only Taliesin Walls on the east coast, and hosts a number of built-in shelves and seating spaces, true to Pettersen’s signature designs.

The positive energy that flows through the home begins at the entrance with a Yin-Yang symbol embossed on the glass of the grand wooden doors. In Feng Shui, the symbol is believed to embody both active and passive energies, balancing the home with energetic and peaceful moments.

The beauty of this 5-bedroom home is the expansive wall space throughout the 5,152 square feet home that is ideal for hosting an extensive art collection. With space large enough for even the most exquisite collections, this home is an art lover’s paradise.

The home is designed to combine indoor living with outdoor beauty, merging the two with natural elements like beautiful hardwood floors and wood planked ceiling in some living areas.

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, you can experience the very essence of nature. Open the sliding glass door to bring the outdoors in and extend your entertainment space into the spacious deck area. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or sitting amongst nature with a glass of wine, the multi-layered deck will quickly become your favorite space.

During the winter months, your outdoor retreat moves indoors into the spacious master bedroom. Enjoy the sculpted fireplace that easily compares to a work of art and large windows that allow natural light to pour into the space. Whether you’re starting your day or looking for a space to regain your serenity in the evenings, this is your luxurious haven.

Extensive storage is available throughout the home. Closets, built-in shelving, and even a hidden wet bar provide ample space to store clothing, collectibles, and more. Showcase your paintings or sculptures with track lighting that can be carefully positioned to highlight different wall spaces and areas of the room.

The walk-in, temperature-controlled wine room can host 1,500 bottles from your travels. Keep the space filled with your favorite selections for your private relaxation in the serenity garden or the many dinner parties you’ll throw in the spacious dining and outdoor entertainment space. Just off the dining room, you’ll find the custom kitchen that provides plenty of granite countertop space for prepping your meals and cabinetry to hold everything from baking essentials to daily plateware. The picturesque windows in the kitchen continue the theme of bringing the outdoors in, allowing sunlight to fill the open area.

While the home is contemporary with an influence from Art Deco, secret spaces of Old World Charm and character blend to create the ideal space for a family or the architectural connoisseur. Every element of the home – from the grand covered entrance to the three-car garage – has been eloquently and purposefully designed. Sunlight pours into the garage thanks to the glass doors, allowing even traditionally dark spaces to find the benefit of nature.

Unlike many homes for sale in Upper Saddle River, the estate at 262 West Saddle River Road boasts unparalleled architectural beauty, a rich history, and the perfect natural setting that’s just as much a part of the home as it is the land.