The Alpine Market is COMING BACK!

The Alpine real estate market has seen better days. Prices have been coming down significant­ly, and until the 2nd quarter of 2019, we didn’t see a lot of movement. There is good news on the horizon. The tide has turned!!! It has been a busy summer for Alpine, and Beyder & Co. haven’t had much…

Alpine Living Magazine

June’s Alpine Living Magazine Article | Interest Rates are down! Will This Help The Luxury Market? | written by Igor Beyder

Millennials Are Not Buying This House

Millennials are getting ready to buy their first home while Baby boomers are looking to downsize. The problem leading to the big real estate divide according to Business Insider is that millennials aren’t interested in buying the large, five or six-bedroom McMansion their predecessors built 15 years ago when ornate crown molding, damask wallpaper, and…