Palisades Park, Good Things Are Coming!

The 1.25-square-mile borough of Palisades Park is transforming from older, single-family homes to attached, modern duplexes. There’s a demand for new homes, and there are a few ways for current owners to benefit from the value of their property.

The majority of Palisades Park is now zoned for two-family homes, and for property owners wanting to sell, there is a more profitable way than handing your home over to big builders. Anthony Vasquez, agent with Beyder and Company Real Estate, wants to partner with Palisades Park homeowners. The owners would continue to own the home and Anthony, in partnership with B&Co., will support them in finding temporary housing.

How does the homeowner benefit?

  • No forced, fast move
  • Higher profit by waiting on end buyer
  • Concierge services in finding temporary housing, and beyond, throughout the entire process

For a free, 15-minute consultation on how Anthony and the B&Co. team can help you receive the largest return on your Palisades Park property, call Anthony at 201-877-3471 or email him directly at