Interest rates are down! Will this help the Luxury Market?

For the first time in what seems like a long time, interest rates are…LOW! After a relatively slow 2018, home buyers and refinancing homeowners are back in the market. Not in recent memory has there been a better time to shop for a mortgage rate, which means one thing: it’s time to buy! Now, When it comes to the federal government however, spring/summer of 2019 could be very favorable for interest rates and real estate in general, but like all good things, there’s usually an end.

With rates hitting a 14 month low, buyers of all walks of life are in the market in full effect. Even more so in the $1.5M – $3M range, lower interest rates is hugely important to buyers. Anything hovering right around 4% is basically free money to the savvy luxury buyer.

According to an article posted on, nearly 40% of high net worth individuals are looking to buy a home in the next three years. Though a large number of these buyers consider the move a “financial investment,” more cite improving their quality of life as the No. 1 reason to purchase real estate. So what does this have to do with low interest rates? Well, everything. When it comes to purchasing a home over $1M the difference in 3.9% and 4.5% is drastic and largely affects financial decision making.

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By Igor Beyder, Broker of Record | Beyder and Company Realty