Homes That Reduce Stress

There is an interesting trend in luxury real estate development, and it’s all about peace of mind. From meditation courtyards to yoga studios, mindfulness is becoming an important factor in a luxury home’s design. However, Mindful living isn’t anything new. People have always dedicated spaces in their homes for prayer, relaxation & exercise but whenever you marry luxury & design, the possibilities are endless. Even more so, wellness-focused neighborhoods are sprouting up, how cool!

Utilizing large windows, high ceilings for maximum light and airiness, some of these luxury home are even built with materials low in toxins. Homeowners are even going as far as planting edible landscaping, including rosemary and blueberry bushes. Listed for $4.5 million, a 9,000 square foot home in Lake Nona, FL boasts an interior courtyard called the “Meditation Garden”, featuring beautiful travertine floors, a reflective pool and a completely screened-in ceiling.

There is an even an organization named “Wellness Within Your Walls”, that offer guidelines on building practices that reduce contaminants and certifies products low in toxins. Wellness focused neighborhoods are seemingly becoming more and more popular to the point where Naturalists (in Georgia) will be leading workshops for residents on how to properly utilize specific plants for homeopathic remedies and tonics. We are hoping these new trends will soon be incorporated in NJ luxury homes.

The most fascinating element to this new fad in Luxury Architecture is the extent to which buyers & builders are going to completely alters their physical & emotional stress. Installing white oak floors that have been pocked with dents and ripples to provide some of the stress relief of reflexology, hitting important pressure points in the foot.

As we all know the Luxury Buyer will go to great lengths for Peace of Mind and it seems as though Mindful Living is becoming the closest thing to exactly that!

By Igor Beyder, Broker of Record | Beyder and Company Realty