Get Your Home Ready For The Spring Market

Clear the Clutter
Buyers want to walk into a beautifully staged home; like one out of a magazine . Prospective buyers want to see a place they can visualize living in and making their own. The best way to do that is to create a blank slate. Declutter and depersonalize as much as you can.


Clear countertops of small and infrequently used appliances, serveware and cookware
Keep dish towels, sponges and cleaners tucked into drawers and cabinets
Remove children’s artwork, memos or bills from countertops and refrigerators


Store away toiletries, cleaning products and extra linens
Make sure the linens displayed are crisp and clean
Secure a safe place jewelry and prescriptions
Clean and repair grout

Living Room/ Family Room

Store away your books, magazines and hobbies
Use a decorative bin for easy toy clean up


Pack up seasonal clothes and linens and store out of site.
Closets should not be filled to capacity, creating an illusion of an abundance of space
Chose a light set of fresh bed linens and crisp decorative pillows
Declutter the nightstand and dresser drawer
Keep only a few photos and pack away the rest
A little home improvement

You don’t necessarily need a major overhaul before you sell but you want to make sure the home looks fresh and well maintained. There are worthwhile repairs and improvements that can big difference. After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Curb Appeal

Regularly mow the lawn, rake leaves, and clean up weeds
Paint the front door and update the hardware
Add bright annuals the garden for immediate satisfaction
Freshen Up

Fix any settlement cracks
Apply a fresh coat of paint to walls and trim or simply touch up certain areas
Clean or replace switch plates
Asses rugs and carpeting: clean, replace or remove
Light it up

Buyers want a home to feel light and bright
Remove heavy drapery , open the curtain or shades
Replace necessary lightbulbs
Bathrooms / Kitchens

Replace grout and caulk
Replace old or rusted faucets, fittings and hardware
Interview Real Estate Agents

One of the most important steps is to choose a listing agent to best represent you. Your choice of agent can make big difference in how quickly you sell your home and the profit you realize from your sale. A good listing agent should have a great marketing plan and deep knowledge of your area. Don’t simply go with someone who tells you they could sell for the highest price. Choose an agent with a comprehensive market analysis and experience.

By Igor Beyder, Broker of Record | Beyder and Company Realty