When it comes to selling (in most cases) your biggest investment, Real Estate, its always best to leave it to the professionals! Right off the bat a major concern is the emotional attachment most sellers have towards their home. It’s almost never recommended to negotiate with your heart, let’s leave this to the mind. Understandably, a homeowner may not even see the minor imperfections that a well-seasoned agent would pick up on. In some cases it’s something as simple as uncovering your pool & putting out lounge chairs, or re-painting your front door. Until you have an agent walk through your home with a strictly “How Do I Sell This Property” mentality, you will not do your home justice.

Beyond emotions, there are few other variables that will certainly make For Sale by Owner’s reconsider selling their own home:

As reported by the National Association of REALTORS, homes tend to sell for up to 25% less when it comes to For Sale by Owner VS. Realtor assisted sales, now that 5% commission doesn’t sound so bad, right? Most savvy buyers will also look to negotiate down in price based off of the seller not having to pay the 5% commission so in realty the loss could be even greater than 25%!

While there are many websites open to the public to list and view properties, being on the NJMLS is still highly recommended. A Yard Sign, Facebook Post & a Zillow listing does not out weigh the advantage you have with an agent that utilizes relationships, contacts & modern marketing. With 90% of buyers searching for properties online its important more now than ever to have a well balanced web presence, meaning high quality Video, Photography, Flyer’s, Social Ad campaigns, the list goes on!

If all of that isn’t enough, let’s talk about time & price. If you are serious about selling your home, you want to price your home properly and you want it to sell quickly! Price is something to be determined by statistics not emotions. When a property sits on the market for a long period of time its almost always price.

By Igor Beyder, Broker of Record | Beyder and Company Realty