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Top 5 Real Estate Myths Busted


Many people assume agents receive a 6% commission. That would be very nice, but that’s not the case. Commissions are negotiable, but it is important to keep in mind that it is typically split four ways; between the two brokerages and the two agents.

2. All agents are created equal

The real estate agent you choose can make all the difference. A good agent can save you time and money as well as protect you for what you don’t know. Selecting a great local agent is key! An agent that has lived and worked in an area knows the streets, homes, and community. They also have deep relationships with the neighbors and other agents.
Marketing is another cnwial factor to consider when hiring an agent to sell your home. ls the agent implementing a diverse mar­keting campaign, or are they simply putting in on the Multiple Listing Service? Beyder and Company Realty pride ourselves on our creative and diversified marketing strategies.

3. Once you choose an agent, you are stuck with them

As a seller, you typically sign a contract that includes a term of 6months or a year. With some agents or brokerages, you are stuck until the term expires, but that’s not always the case. You can ask for an early release from your agreement.

4. When selling a home, leave lots of room for negotiation

Pricing a home correctly is one of the most important things when selling your home. Many sellers believe its essential to leave a lot of room for negations, but this mistake may have your home sitting for too long and growing stale. Buyers may not look at the overpriced homes because they think it is out of their price range or because they believe the sellers are “not realistic” about the market. The closer you price your home to market value, the more buyers will look at your property and the higher likely hood it will sell quickly and for top dollar!

5. A home doesn’t need to be prepared for sale

Not preparing your home for sale can cost you thousands of dollars. We recommend having a pre-listing inspection; small fixes can cost exponentially more in credits to the buyer if not resolved. Cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing a home can make all the difference in presentation. It is a worthwhile effort, and the right agent will guide you through the process..


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